Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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Due to the ever crashing market, declining home sales, and foreclosures the homeowners that are able to keep their mortgages are choosing to stay put with their investments and upgrade their homes. Remodeling helps with all types of the property market by increasing the value and the appeal of the home. The home owner can ask for higher values in the sales market, and gain more exposure in that price bracket for the newer upgrades. Simple kitchen cabinets, counter top and flooring upgrades are the main selling points for all homes. The bathrooms are the second most important factor in the homes appeal. Most clients are now asking for Travertine flooring, matching shower tiles, and a closet design for the master bathroom area, with special emphasis on the jacuzzi tubs and his/her toilet commodes. For normal 3 bedroom homes the cost of entire remodeling can start off around $3,000 and can rise up to the value of the home itself depending on what the clients wish for.

A good way to start your project, is to find out what you are willing to spend in each area, conform to a budget for the entire project and be realistic. A lot of clients want to start off with a small budget in mind, yet once they walk a contractor through the project they have already upgraded what they want. Another good point is to think a little more long term, and how a little more money into the project will increase the quality and the overall image of the remodel. For example, If you are looking to remodel the kitchen, but do no want to spend the extra money on the counter tops for stone, you will not create the same effect and will probably wish that you had spent the extra 2-3 thousand and really make the kitchen special a year or two later.

Another great tip into remodeling is to re-paint the outside of the home so that it feels newer with the interior upgrades. Landscaping is something anybody can do with a little time and sweat, but nobody can hide a bad paint job.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Millions of dollars in Improvements have made Altamonte Springs one of the nicest places to settle in Central Florida!!

Visitors flock to Central Florida for its mild winters, pristine waterways, and proximity to Atlantic and Gulf beaches, and in the heart of Central Florida lies Altamonte Springs, the second largest city in Seminole County. Taking its name from the many spring-fed lakes and sand hills that make up the area, Altamonte Springs is now home to more than 40,000 residents. Developed into a winter resort town in the late 1800s during the area's first tourism boom, Altamonte Springs became a sunny playground for the wealthy and an oasis for those requiring a "healing" environment in which to recuperate from various ailments. Times were good, but this was just the beginnng of the once tiny village's growth and prosperity.

Today, Altamonte Springs is the bustling retail center of Seminole County, Florida. Excellent shopping is available, including one of the largest regional malls in Central Florida. One of the finest hospital facilities (Florida Hospital Altamonte) in the Central Florida area is also located within our city. It is a residential community which is strong in both young families and senior citizens working together to maintain an ideal environment for community stability.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

We can fix your bathtubs today Altamonte Springs!! Save money when you call PrestigeCore LLC for your home Remodeling needs (407) 256-0397

Thinking about replacing your bathtub, or wanting to change the color theme of your bathroom?

The biggest center peice of your bathroom is your vanity area and bathtub. Most clients ask us to remove the bathtub when we begin a remodeling project in their home. To keep the cost down, and be more efficient with time restraints we look to fix, prime, and re-coat the bathtubs to color match the customers needs. This way we skip breaking tiles and damaging door frames moving the bathtub out of the bathroom area. A job that would cost a little more than a thousand dollars can be done for less than five hundred dollars.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Kitchens are adding tons of value!! Entertain your Guest outside, and enjoy your pool / patio area.

Although they are one of the hottest new home design features, summer kitchens are an update of an old idea. Before air conditioning and electric stoves, a summer kitchen provided a place to cook while keeping heat, as well as dangerous cooking fires, out of the main house. Today, they're strictly about convenience and enhanced leisure time.

A basic summer kitchen might have a large grill, sink and small refrigerator set in an island with plenty of counter space and storage. A top-of-the-line installation could add a bar with an icemaker, a wine cooler, grill side burners and even a dishwasher, deep fryer or pizza oven. Designs are limited only by budget, space and imagination
(excerpt from Biz Journal)


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Market trends in Altamonte Springs Fla.

The Market in Altamonte Springs is almost completely built out, and properties are in high demand in this area. This city has a variety of housing with apartments for renters, to condos and large single family homes.

There is a major multi use development that is almost completed called Uptown Altamonte. The location is prime since its being built near the Altamonte Mall with retail, restaurants and high rise condos. With the many retail stores and restaurants opening, more families are moving into the area. This is a huge plus for homeowners in this region since the value of property will surely increase. Remodeling, upgrading, and installing new additions will help insure higher returns for sellers in this area than other surrounding areas. This months shows that 232 SINGLE FAMILY HOMES are currently available priced from $143,000 to $3.4M.

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